For Prospective Residents

The Transitional Year Residency Program at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, Iowa, provides direct experience in a broad range of medical disciplines, designed to prepare you for your future subspecialty or clarify long-term educational goals.

Our program is designed for residents who:

  • Have chosen a career specialty for which the Transitional Year Residency fulfills a prerequisite
  • Have not yet chosen a specialty and seek a broad-based year to assist in making a decision

Our fully accredited program accepts four residents per year.

Since established in 1991, approximately 70 residents have completed the program and universally passed their Step 3 examinations and have emerged well prepared to enter the categorical training program of their choice. Learn more about our graduates.

Strength of our Program

The year-long program provides excellent training experience in the diagnosis and treatment of common and unique medical disorders, building a solid foundation in the development of:

  • Clinical judgment
  • Clinical skills
  • Humanistic qualities
  • Professional attitudes

The level of patient care responsibility of the transitional year resident is equal to R-1s in our other programs, which include general surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and family medicine.

Residents of the Transitional Year program attend a variety of conferences including:

  • Check-in rounds
  • Morning reports
  • Daily noon conferences
  • Morbidity and mortality conferences
  • Weekly grand rounds.

Transitional Year residents will enjoy a close working relationship with fellow residents, teaching faculty, the program director and attending physicians, who emphasize and value quality patient care and training and professional development.

Take That Next Step

We invite you to learn more about the Transitional Year Residency Program at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. You have the opportunity to grow in a program with a strong academic center, a pleasant and flexible working environment and a diverse patient population.  If you have any questions about our Transitional Year Program at Iowa Methodist Medical Center, please feel free to contact us.